Curious About My Professional Heritage?

My professional life is A-typical.
I doubt you will ever meet a web guy who does what I do that is so inappropriately over-educated for this field of endeavor. I mean let’s put it this way, I am formerly, an attorney (Fordham Law School) and a CPA (with Kenneth Leventhal & Co.). And now I spend my waking moments focused on designing and building websites and then driving actionable traffic with SEO, PPC and other Web Marketing and online branding strategies.
How can my current career be the end goal of someone with such a formal education? Would you believe I don’t even know how to use Photoshop. I don’t think it matters because you know what – I do know a lot of things that matter for my clients who want to know how to succeed online.
Here’s just a brief list of things I know or have done that can start dealing with your seeds of distrust and doubt about my abilities to help you:

• Knowledge of HTML and CSS
• Involved in ecommerce since 1996
• Wrote book on search engine optimization
• Launched over 50 web sites
• Written articles for
• Member of CEO roundtable
• Web site architect & design
• Created software

Professional and Personal Accomplishments
Most Recent Web Design and Integration Projects
• Community:,,
• Professional Services:,,
• Ecommerce:,

Accomplished Author and Software Engineer
• SeoTimetable – 120 Days to Natural Search Engine Results Domination
• RssInsane – Maximize Search Engine Rankings With Dynamic News Content
• WebCart – Architected the rebuilding of one of the original shopping cart platforms
• WorldClassPortal – Designed the infrastructure for a portal web site application

Personal Achievements• Founding member of – national outreach organization for teens
• Founding member of –education institution for women merged into the OU
• Active board member of – youth organization
• Honored nationally by for young leadership on the West Coast