Berbay podcast Episode 6

Berbay Podcast Episode 6

What you’ll learn in this podcast episode: The importance of investing in public relations, SEO, and social media marketing and engagement for small and large firms to generate leads. The value of the 4 C’s in branding and web design: Competitor, Communication, Collaboration and Coding. How marketing can create messaging that attracts web traffic and […]

Times of Israel August 2017

Times of Israel

Visualizing What It Means to Fear God This week’s Torah portion (Shoftim) includes a curious command to the person who is going to be King of the Israelites. The King has to write his own Bible scroll in order that he learn to fear G-d — not learn to love G-d but fear Him instead. […]

Times of Israel Blog

Times of Israel MAY 30, 2017 Can you find the missing wagons in the desert? This is the week that I – along with a myriad of Jews worldwide – am completing the final countdown to end the 49 day “Sefirat Ha’omer” period leading into Shavuot. With the ongoing nightly counting, some “big” questions seem to surface […]

TalentTalk Podcast Chris Dyer

Talent Talk with Chris Dyer June 10, 2015 TalentTalk is a show featuring talented individuals such as CEO’s and other Business Executives that come and share their thoughts on talent. Each week, we focus on talent management, leadership development and company culture. In this episode of TalentTalk, Chris Dyer, the CEO of PeopleG2 talks talent, leadership and culture with […]

Feedfront Magazine 2015

Feedfront Magazine

Feedfront Magazine Issue 33 Published on Nov 30, 2015 3 Ninja Tactics to Secure Websites from Hackers This issue of FeedFront Magazine includes 4 Lessons Walking Dead Can Teach Affiliates by Missy Ward, 6 Rules for Evolved Adults by Shawn Collins, No More Duck Lips or Blurry Dogs! by Michelle Held, Udemy, Amazon, SEO tips, […]