Ecommerce Shopping Cart Software Solutions

If you are selling online then your success quite often is tangible connected to the quality,functionality and flexibility of your eCommerce shopping cart enabled web software platform. Selling online is a tricky thing. As the world continues its transformation into the Google economy, any competitor is often just a click away from your website. The […]

Is Your Website Trustworthy?

Does giving away something free still work to induce people to give you their contact details? In this age of the "what's in it for me" society I advocate that it still can work. Once you hhave initiated the give-to-get strategy, you still face a new challenge: Who are you to deserve their ongoing attention […]

Launch Your Web Site

How do you launch a new Web site in a highly competitive marketplace? Here's a step-by-step methodology to follow — even in an environment with many established players. 1. Identify keywords. Use deductive reasoning and some keyword matching software — similar to how NameBoy comes up with domain name matches. For example, in the nutrition […]