Companies I Am Involved With Online

So once you’ve started multiple companies, people start using this term “serial entrepreneur”. I am not sure if it describes someone who has to keep starting things until he finally can stop because he’s made it or perhaps it’s someone like my cousin Sam who is past 84 but still goes to work each day lugging boxes around his warehouse because what the heck else is he going to do with his time. So I am definitely both of these types of people I think.
Having said that, here’s a bit of info about the different entities that inhabit my mental space weekly, if not daily.
1. Well was my first baby after law school. That still runs and offers magazine subscription services to individuals and businesses and government entities like schools and libraries. Most of the revenues come from what I call “Corporate clients” who have waiting rooms. So if you want to get one invoice each year from one supplier for different publications, then call me. Yes, I said call me. I like the phone. Sue me if I can’t stand texting. Now this company is in capable hands with long-time employees manning the fort – and remotely too if I might add. Rent is for sissies. Coffee Bean is great for muffins and meetings.
2. is the result of years of being online in ecommerce. Considering that I used to write about affiliate marketing over 10 years ago, I can say with complete candor that I understand at the atomic level what it takes to create, build, power and drive traffic to a website. Whether it’s an ecommerce site or a content site that has a lead component (like a law firm), my ability to create an online traffic penetration strategy is just up there with the icons in the industry. For the most part, with my partner Michael, we focus mostly on search engine optimization driven traffic. We could be a jack of all trades but then most people would think we are just jack offs. So instead, we want to demonstrate some critical expertise in at least one thing. For now it’s organic rankings in Google and Bing. Plain, simple, top rankings of keywords.
Now I also dabble quite aggressively in creating websites. That is fun and creative and just inspiring each time we hit GO LIVE. Its like the old UPS commercial where they hit the button and sales started flying in. We have a kick ass website designer in LA who hails from Europe. So she’s got style and flair and an accent to boot. And she complements our corporate presence. Along with my Harvard educated right hand project manager and real jack of all trades, this company is in solid hands.