Consulting Hire Jason Ciment

I hesitate to use the word consulting because it sounds so 1999 with big retainers and lots of promises with little to show for it. But at the same time, there is a lot of respect that can be associated with a consulting service that improves your business opportunities, efficiencies and conversions. So if I can be attached to such goodwill then I'll take the risk of using such a double edged moniker and put myself out there for consulting type engagements.

There's not a lot of ground to cover here. If you like what you've seen throughout this site, and you are embarking on any type of web project, consider leveraging what I have learned through 10 years of hard earned lessons and take the manageable risk to engage me and my web team to help you with maximizing your next online project.

Here's a short list of what I know with absolute certainty I can help you with.





  1. Web Design – includes a new site or a redesign of an existing site. We can do logos and all sorts of web graphics. We can even design themes for WordPress. Check out the web design portfolio at my web design service,
  2. Ecommerce Platform –  If you are running (or planning to run) a web store, the WebCart shopping cart software platform will quite simply blow your mind. Companies running on the platform are selling millions of dollars of products and services year after year. It is one of the original ecommerce platforms. Take a look at the WebCart site for more information. If you have questions, get in touch with me. Just as a note of disclaimer, if you are even thinking about a free web platform like ZenCart of OsCommerce, then don't bother me. You might as well call me to talk about Swahili because we are talking different languages. WebCart is a serious platform (at a small business price) for people that take their web businesses seriously. If you are building an online business and expect to do less than $100,000 a year in sales, then WebCart is not for you. You should plan to spend at least 5% of your revenues on your Web Platform. As your company revenues grow your web site needs will escalate and running on a freeware platform will just not work. The WebCart team has done enough transitions from freeware sites to know what it's talking about.
  3. Content Managment Systems (CMS) for a company site or a content oriented site. This platform is geared in part toward professional service firms like law firms, accounting firms and consulting firms. Any site that is mostly a brochureware type of site, can benefit from the WorldClassPortal CMS Solution. It has built-in modules for uploading and managing digital media (photos, podcasts, videos, powerpoints, excel and MS Word docs), textual media (articles, news, press releases, content web pages, classified ads) and customer interactions (newsletter subscriptions, mailing lists, and ecommerce).  
  4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – If you want to accelerate your rankings on the main search engines like Yahoo, MSN and Google, then you need a search engine optimization strategy. The first precondition to an SEO strategy is your mindset. You need to know that for any SEO campaign you must commit in your mind to give it SIX (6) months. You cannot fool the engines basically and their algorithms want to see "natural growth" so you cannot rush the process. Think of SEO like a long-term relationship. You cannot approach it like a one night stand. You can't get away with one expensive dinner and a nightcap. You have to commit to months of hard work in order to see results that last. I've maintained first page rankings for almost 10 years now for my first online venture and in all fairness I've done very little for the last few years. But because of all the hard work I did in the past, Google thinks my site is serious and gives it good rankings. So if you are ready to make the long term commitment, then you have taken the biggest step. Now, you just need to read about SEO and educate yourself a bit so you can get your expectations in line with what makes sense.
  5. Pay-per-Click (PPC) Management – This service is geared to companies that are spending at least $5,000 per month on Adwords or Yahoo Search type of PPC traffic. Good PPC management involves THREE (3) components. The first is automation. You need to take advantage of software applications that will automatically adjust bids each day based on your competitors' bids and overall market rates as well as your conversion rates. The second part of maximizing PPC effectiveness is measuring your CTR values. Google for example is not a true highest price bid auction. What you pay per click depends not just on your bid but on your results. The more people who click on "your" ad as compared to your competitor's ads, will actually reduce your per click cost. Your campaign costs may increase but so should your profits. In order to maximize your CTR, you need to have great web copy in your ads, AND your ads should only be advertised for the words that are most likely to produce a click. So don't just place bids on any words. They have to extremely relevant and click inspiring. The last part of PPC is measuring the conversions once people click through. If you are not getting the actions you desire, then even though people are clicking they may not be serious "action takers". I've got some great case studies going online soon here. The first caveat though before you think of calling me, is that if you don't spend at least $5k a month, I will be too expensive.