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This is probably the page you want to check every day. So bookmark it, put it on a sticky pad or just tie a yellow ribbon around your old oak tree to remind yourself to come back and visit the site every weekday. So why should you come back each day? Here’s why.

I spend a lot of my days online and I read through a lot of emails each day and visit a lot of web sites. I am in touch with many people from around the world covering a wide variety of interests. With Daily Tips I have figured out a way to share the best things I uncover each day. Many of these tips will be software scripts, plugins, or utilities that just make your tasks easier to do. Or they will improve the way you use current things on your computer.

Besides a passion for high tech, I’ve been reading books voraciously since I’ve been 10 or so. And the books I go through often have many pieces of wisdom for dealing with, or overcoming life’s challenges. The more our world advances, the more stress we seem to have. Sometimes you need to go old school to find the answers and nothing is more old school than a printed book.

Again, this section is not really about me, it’s about what I can do for you. So forget about the fact that I read or am in touch with lots of people. Just judge for yourself if the content of the Daily Tips section is worthy. If it is, let me know through commenting on the site. If you really feel it is worthwhile, then consider signing up for my private newsletter. It’s kind of really secretive, so I can’t tell you what’s on there. Suffice it to say that if you really like my Daily Tips, you will totally love my Newsletter.

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