Expert Witness Services

Attorneys with challenging cases that touch on website related issues often call me for advice on simply understanding in layman's terms what are things like pay per click or search engine optimization. Even distinguishing between an agreement that says website design or website programming requires a careful understanding of industry usage of terms.

I’ve created this page to give attorneys a sense of the type of benefits that could be obtained when working more formally with me in the Expert Witness Services Capacity.

  • Insure direct communication with me – the expert – to facilitate total understanding of all matters of concern in your case
  • Educate you in understanding technical terminology relevant to your industry and provide explanations of concepts in precise layman’s terms
  • Assist you in researching and uncovering relevant data and physical evidence relevant to the website aspect of your case
  • Maintain ongoing support throughout the life of your case
  • Quote all fees in advance

What are the types of situations where I would be able to help you with expert witness services?

  1. Search engine optimization analysis
  2. Pay per click campaign review
  3. Analyze traffic patterns inside your website
  4. Analyze where traffic is coming from to your website
  5. Reputation management situation where websites are posting harmful information about you or your clients

If you are looking for the best and brightest in the online marketing landscape, I am sure I can help you or point you in the right direction. With more than 15 years under my belt working online, if I dont know the answer to your questions, someone in my rolodex does.

If you need to impress your opponent with a recognized authority in the online marketing arena, please review the ABOUT ME page to see a list of serious qualifications.