Favorite Dishes at Los Angeles Kosher Restaurants

Here are my favoritate dishes at local kosher restaurants and bakeries in Los Angeles

  1. LA Gondola:


    1. Duck Salad
    2. Bar B Que Ribs
    3. Maple Bacon (fake of course)
  2. Jeff's Gourmet Sausages


    1. Veal Knockwurst (its got its own special bun too)
  3. Mexi Kosher


    1. The hamburger special. only a few days per week. It's made from 3 types of meat (e.g. prime rib). They don't bother with lettuce and tomato. Its a fantastic bun. A huge double burger. And fries. and they roll on crushed onions fried in duck fat.
  4. Pats


    1. The Baca Grande is a gigantic steak for two. only a few nights per week
  5. Nagila Pizza


    1. A slice with fried eggplant. i could eat this every day.
  6. Eilat Bakery


    1. The Eilat salad. its got cranberrys, lettuce, pears, feta cheese …
    2. The blueberry danish. sometimes you have to go old school.
  7. Delice Bakery


    1. Just a plain chocolate croissant. We traveled all over Paris and this was still better.
  8. Ditmas


    1. the food is all fine but the Brownie for desert is heavenly.
  9. Got Kosher


    1. Veggie burger is the best I have ever eaten. and the fries are top notch too
  10. Pico Kosher Deli


    1. The Turkey Club sandwich. its a double decker on white toast with fried pastrami and turkey. ask for grilled onions to be shoved inside. best deli sandwich i ever ate. only eat it 2x per year.
  11. Shilos


    1. TBD. i know the bbq sandwich is good. and so are the fries. but i am trying to go to the next level.
  12. The Fish Grill


    1. Fish and chips. why the heck not.