Website Design Services Overview

Is your website hitting the mark?
Are visitors connecting with your goals?
Bottom line: Are you converting visits into leads or sales?

How your website looks and reads is a leading indicator of how well it will perform to drive visitors through your sales funnel. Just like the old adage you are how you look, the same can be said about a high performance website.

I've been selling things online since 1997. I've written for the main marketing journals like SearchEngineLand and ClickZ. I can name drop with the best of them. But really who gives a hoot about things I've done when what really matters is what can be done for you going forward.

This website is all about your future and your sustainability. If you want to survive you need more than a me too website. You don't need to be ahead of the curve or cutting edge. Instead you just need to abide by 3 time-tested, proven principles that come right out of debate team:

Tell 'em what you do.
Do it.
Then, tell them that you did it.

This is the formula.

I'm going to save you money on your car insurance.
Here's how I am going to do it.
Here's how i did it for Mr "X" just last week.

If you are believable, you will be believed.

All you need is to tell your story with good copy, strong headlines, nice graphics and an overall intuitive design and you will close more business.

it's really that simple.

if you want to take the dramatic first step and achieve the growth you are pining for then just drop me a line and let's talk = for real.

I am not going to distract you will sales copy about the highest quality website design at affordable prices because you do't need affordable. You need to win. If it costs more to be victorious then make the wager and invest in yourself to be a leader not a follower.

If you are starting a new project from scratch or having a current website re-designed, I will guide you and direct you to get the job done.

Think of my as your website architect. I have the information and development resources here to help you organize what you might need. I will be glad to design and/or oversee a complete strategy for the entire site design and development process.

Just to recap:

Still wondering what makes for a terrific Website?

Attractive graphics are appealing but great Web sites are designed at the intersection of your brand message, what your customers are trying to accomplish and what you want them to do. Based on this information and analyzing these factors, the right overall design and technologies can be created and implemented.

With every project, I will help you integrate a balanced blend of your customers' needs with your business requirements, while at the same time providing a measurable return on investment and encompassing your interactive goals. Now if you understand what i Just wrote you can be obliged to tell me because I don't even understand it.

Let's try again in plain english:

If you want a website that will drive dollars to your bottom line, then let's talk.
If you just want a second opinion on your website project, then let's talk.
If you aren't sure what you want but you know you need to make a change, then let's talk.

Anyone else with a different agenda? let's not talk. You are probably not the right fit for my website services.