Pinterest Page for My Favorite Thriller Book Authors

Who are your favorite Thriller Book Authors?

All month long in February I will be adding Pins to my new Pinterest Board where I am going to catalog all the thriller book authors of novels I have been reading these last few years. I don't think anyone has ever created a collage of Authors this way. Most of the time, I see books getting posted and book covers. But not the authors themselves.

As well, I am going to try to stave of Alzheimers and push my memory to the limits to see if I can recall the first time I encountered each of these offers. If my brain doesn't explode, this might be fun.

My first Pinterest Thriller Books Board

The first book related Pinterest Board is for Book Thriller Authors:

For book reviews, I'll be updating over the next few months as well.

Here are some of the best authors I have ever read. And this list will be growing.

  • Ken Follett
  • Lee Child
  • Mickey Spillane
  • Robert Ludlum