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If you have reached this page of your own volition, then indulge me a bit as I share with you an overview of projects I've been lucky enough to be involved with. They span a wide range of web services but if you have read my Internet Prosperity 4 Pillar Web Site Seduction report you will quickly see how each of these projects is really part of an integrated effort towards Internet Prosperity.

The 4 Step web seduction is pretty simple actually in terms of its core. Where it gets complicated is in the execution. This is how it works.




  1. You design a web site. Here you basically want to find the best practices in the arena in which you intend to compete and implement them into your design. As well, this includes color schemes and layout considerations that will be appreciated by your end users. And most importantly, good web copywriting. People read web sites differently than they read printed things like books, magazines and newspapers. You need to ensure that your web copy combined with nice use of imagery, "compels" the users to take the actions you desire.
  2. You put your web site onto a web platform that is geared for maximum web efficiency. This involves a few items. First is an online content management system that enables you – the webmaster – to change the content on your site without having to hire advanced web engineers. The second and often overlooked item is the actual structure of the web pages in terms of how they are named (ie. URL's) and how the content is written on each page. If you want your pages to be picked up by the search engines then your pages need to be search engine friendly. The short story here is that simple .html pages are not the most efficient way to manage web site content.
  3. Once you've got the site launched is when the real fun begins. The web as many before me have said, is not a field of dreams. Once you build a site and get it out there, you really need to "get it out there". We call this process a "traffic strategy". When you think of the word strategy it implies multiple steps – ie. a process. In the world of web parlance, a comprehensive traffic strategy encompasses search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click (PPC) traffic (ie. Adwords and Overture), affiliate program related visitors and any other type of advertising and/or word of mouth that drives visitors to your site.
  4. The final step of web seduction is called "conversion analysis". Now that you've driven people to your site, you need to maximize your conversions (ie. the actions you want people to take on your site). To achieve maximum conversions you need to have analytics software running on your site and you need to study your web traffic at least once a week just to see what pages people are hitting, where they come from and what they do once they reach these pages. This is almost a full time job. Part of this process also includes analyzing your PPC campaigns to ensure you are paying the minimum amount you can pay while obtaining the maximum amount of traffic.

Ohh! That is a lot of web seduction in 4 paragraphs. So cutting it short, what you will find on this section of my site is a portfolio of web projects that fall into one of these 4 Pillars of Internet Prosperity.

Have fun!