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In honor of the wisdom of Dilbert, I am going to take the first step at helping you make a better Zoom meeting.

Creating engaging meetings online is not easy. First is the technical challenges or coordinating the different software choices such as Zoom, Webex, Gotomeeting, BlueJeans, Citrix, Vectera.

Once you have everyone on board, then it’s a question of overcoming the natural inclination after 8 months of remote working to not be bored in a Zoom meeting.
I think Zoom is now like Kleenex. It’s going to lose it’s trademark status because people just say let’s Zoom when they could be referring to any remote meeting script.
My oldest daughter Lena did some research online to help put together this list of ideas below on how to make your remote meetings more engaging.

32 Tips for Better Zoom Networking and Breakout Meetings

September 18, 2020