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One of the coolest parts about being online so much is getting the opportunity to add efficiencies into my life. Unlike the classic story of the aborigine type peoples being introduced to electricity and running water and it being the cause of more sickness and anguish, I find that I am able to accomplish so many more things day to day because of little programs I find here and there on the Web and through emails from friends and colleagues.

So in this section of my site, I will be sharing a wide variety of software applications, plugins, scripts and utilities that will help you shortcut the time-consuming tasks of everyday life or they will just plain improve the efficiencies of work related tasks. As an added bonus, I’ll be throwing into the ring some goodies that may not be efficient or work related but just a whole lotta fun.

Some of the applications may be password protected though in order to ensure the integrity of the information being shared. This may require a subscription to my site but don’t worry, if you subscribe I won’t be sharing your information with anyone else. My lips are sealed. Really.

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