Bakery fanatics rejoice! Cupcakes finally hit Israel.

Several new immigrants to Israel have found that the taste of their childhood celebrations can be turned into a solid business model: cupcakes are becoming the latest rage in the Holy Land. In the last several months three new cupcake businesses have opened up selling their treats online. Hayley Rabie, 28, from South Africa opened […]

Tip to switch email accounts safely [from HARO]

If you do search engine optimization like we do out of our Los Angeles office, it means you have a lot of email addresses for your clients that you are constantly adding and changing for your SEO activities. is a simple service that does one difficult thing really well: it helps you switch email […]

SEO backlinking tactic courtesy of jon leger

Courtesy of Jon Leger, here is an outline of an SEO Tactic he shared recently at one of his search engine optimization seminars. It’s a really easy strategy that should be in the top 5 of your tactics. Any web design company should be sharing this with their clients. We for sure will be telling some […]

Reduce PPC Ad Budgets with Timing based ads

At our web site agency, we’ve been working on a “4 Dimension” roadmap to online success. We put every web project – whether it’s an ecommerce web store, an SEO client or a web site design project – through this 4 step strategy which we call Define, Design, Deploy, Deliver. The entire thrust of this […]

Freeware to find and replace in multiple files

This is a new freeware editing software that makes it really easy to make changes to content within files without having to open up all the files. For my search engine optimization campaigns this is a really great tool. Multiple Find And Replace finds and replaces batches of files. You don’t have to open all […]

SEO Open Plugin For Firefox 3.0 Is Now Updated

There’s a new trend in the firefox plugin world where the original developers get so busy they don’t have the time to update their plugins as new releases of firefox are introduced. Leave it up to the technogeeks to fill in the gaps. One of the most noteworthy firefox plugins is something called SEO Open […]