Bakery fanatics rejoice! Cupcakes finally hit Israel.

Several new immigrants to Israel have found that the taste of their childhood celebrations can be turned into a solid business model: cupcakes are becoming the latest rage in the Holy Land. In the last several months three new cupcake businesses have opened up selling their treats online. Hayley Rabie, 28, from South Africa opened […]

web design conference from internet retailer

Internet Retailer Web Design conference is coming soon. Here are 10 common web design mistakes they have prepared to inspire people to attend the conference. 1. The Home Page Syndrome You put most of your design resources on the home page and treat product pages as mere information pages—not marketing opportunities. In the session Designing […]

Evernote software free web clipping service

Working in web design, i’m constantly visiting other web sites getting ideas. I’ve found a web site that enables to cut and paste things and keep them available online. pretty interesting. So if i leave my office in Los Angeles to go on vacation i can check my notes remotely. You can find it on ZDnet. It’s […]

Free software for photo and image editing

Because I am involved so much with web site design projects out of my Los Angeles office, I constantly have to deal with playing around with photos and images for my clients’ websites. Most ecommerce software and content management solutions don’t include sophisticated editing tools. And I am constantly on the lookout for free software to do […]