web design conference from internet retailer

Internet Retailer Web Design conference is coming soon. Here are 10 common web design mistakes they have prepared to inspire people to attend the conference. 1. The Home Page Syndrome You put most of your design resources on the home page and treat product pages as mere information pages—not marketing opportunities. In the session Designing […]

Optimizing PPC budgets driving through a windshield

When reviewing your web site design performance, part of the challenge with evaluating your search marketing performance is analyzing where traffic is coming from to see the results it is producing. With the economy forcing budgets into downward spirals, you need to minimize your PPC spend and maximize revenues from the clicks that come in. […]

Blackberry Storm (iPhone killer) just Announced

This is literally hot off the presses. I am a long time blackberry user and I’ve been pondering the shift to the new Google Phone mostly because less than 3G is like Chocolate chip cookies without the chips. My BB crawls and it’s tiresome. Nothing like looking remotely for some new graphic ideas for a web design […]