Wow! Grab a domain registration for $2.19 today at GoDaddy

We are constantly registering domains for our new ecommerce shopping cart software customers at, but this deal is truly unbeatable for now. I got this domain registration tip from TiffanyDow who covers the Warrior Forum.

In the Warrior Forum today I found a great tip provided by Warrior Imran Naseem – get a dot com domain for just $2.19 at GoDaddy using the code: 199TEST (dot coms are usually around $6.95 to 10 bucks a pop).


And Becky (Warrior username R Hagel) provided some additional



“Order your domain name and proceed to the checkout. At some point before paying, you’ll see a place where you can enter a “code” — that’s where you put the 199TEST…Up until that point, your domain will sit in your shopping cart at full price (around $10). After you enter the code in the box, it will show for $2.19.”


I believe it only works for one domain, but if you’ve been needing one – grab it today!

There are always cool tips popping up in the Warrior Forum.


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