Author, Speaker, CEO

  • 30 years experience growing companies
  • Digital brand strategy and website marketing
  • WordPress and Ecommerce website development
  • Web traffic on search engines and social sites
  • Reputation management on Google and Bing
  • Content writing (blogs, infographics, videos)
  • Expert witness services for digital-based lawsuits

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I help business owners find creative and cost-efficient ways to compete better and be #1 in their industry online.

Traffic & Online Visibility

Traffic & Online Visibility

SEO, PPC ads management, social media engagement and digital reputation management

Content & Communications

Content & Communications

Hire our content team to design and write blogs, articles, infographics, whitepapers and videos.

Referrals & Growth Hacks

Referrals & Growth Hacks

I help to cut through red tape or save time. Do you need a referral or a roadblock to be removed?

Jason Ciment at AIPAC 2019

What am I Reading and Writing?

I follow a bunch of digital marketing blogs and also read about 2 books per week that pertain to historical fiction, thrillers, history, biographies and business advice. I also publish a a very unique newsletter via email.

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  • You don't need to ring a bell for support. Read my book I Need More Clients and grow your business yourself.

Let's Work Together

Here are services that help with your business or nonprofit.

Website Development

Design and build a fast, mobile-friendly website in Wordress, Shopify, Magento and Adrecom

Social Media

Design and write engaging posts for your social channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

Web Traffic

Attract visitors to your website with Google search engine rankings and PPC ad campaigns

ADA Accesibility

Avoid the raging lawsuits by getting your website to be compatible with ADA guidelines

Expert Witness

As a former CPA and attorney, I bring something extra to website related lawsuits

Leads, Sales & Donations

Grow your revenues with our digital branding and conversion rate optimization strategies

Media, Podcasts & Live Appearances

These are the media outlets where I have been interviewed, published or quoted. Definitely a lot of fun participating.

Provisors Article

In honor of the wisdom of Dilbert, I am going to take the first

Berbay Podcast Episode 6

What you’ll learn in this podcast episode: The importance of investing in public relations,

Times of Israel

Visualizing What It Means to Fear God This week’s Torah portion (Shoftim) includes a

Provisors Marketing Series

This was the first in a year long series of presentations to groups located

HBMA Annual Conference

I gave a live presentation to attendees of the annual Medical Billing Association conference

Authority Content Series

This lecture was called Writing Your Way to “Authority” and covered A Content Strategy

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