CMS Membership Portal Web Redesign

Posted by Jason Ciment

Friday, 07.25.2008 7:24am

Living in Los Angeles has its perks and one of them is that L.A. has become a hub of technology companies. One of the most noteworthy associations in the technology space on the West Coast is the Digital Coast Roundtable. Their roster of members has some real industry stalwarts like the Panasonic company. So when I had a chance to work on redesigning their web site and integrating their old content into our Web Site Architect CMS Platform you could say I got off my rump and jumped at the chance.

In the case study area of my site, you will soon find a step by step analysis of the DCR site upgrade. I want to thank Conchetta Fabares at DCR for her thoroughness and follow-through at getting this project underway and completed.

Stay tuned as we develop this case study.

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