Is Your Website Trustworthy?

Does giving away something free still work to induce people to give you their contact details? In this age of the "what's in it for me" society I advocate that it still can work. Once you hhave initiated the give-to-get strategy, you still face a new challenge: Who are you to deserve their ongoing attention […]

Design Flowcharts with Efficiency

Once upon a time, every company or business decision was just a big idea, nothing but a concept somewhere in someone’s head. Usually, these big ideas strike like lightening – without warning. It’s exciting to think of something new, and I’m always eager to implement it as quickly as possible for the benefit of my […]

The Twitter Series: All About Twitter Security

Every now and then, you hear about a Twitter hijacking. Even President Obama has confirmed that his Twitter account has been hijacked before, which resulted in the immediate shutdown of his account and an investigation by the Twitter team. According to Twitter, the accounts were hijacked using the company’s internal support tools. Basically, someone hacked […]

The Twitter Series: Let Twitter Boost Your Business

At first glance, Twitter is a social networking site that became overwhelmingly popular incomprehensibly quickly. With hundreds of thousands of users and the benefits of real-time communication, Twitter grows more and more in its uses and its applications every day. Among Twitter’s many advantages, its ability to boost your business is a huge plus. It […]

The Twitter Series: Blog and Tweet in Perfect Harmony

It’s no surprise that the average blogging twitterer would rather attract droves of blog readers than twittering followers. Darren Rouse, founder of TwiTip and ProBlogger whose audiences are comprised mainly of twitterers and of bloggers, respectively, found that even the Twitter users understand the value of increasing the number of blog readers. This result isn’t […]

Get Rid of Text Message Spam!

If you haven’t gotten your first spam text message on your mobile phone yet, consider yourself lucky. Maybe we’ve all adjusted to the nuisance that is e-mail spam, but I don’t think I’ll ever reach that point when it comes to the privacy of my text message inbox. I mean, this is my cell phone! […]