The Twitter Series: Let Twitter Boost Your Business

At first glance, Twitter is a social networking site that became overwhelmingly popular incomprehensibly quickly. With hundreds of thousands of users and the benefits of real-time communication, Twitter grows more and more in its uses and its applications every day. Among Twitter’s many advantages, its ability to boost your business is a huge plus. It presents the very valuable opportunity to put out postings that could potentially be seen by thousands of your fellow twitterers. Having trouble seeing the many chances you have to capitalize on Twitter’s success? Just look at the statistics:

New data from comScore indicates that Twitter grew in popularity over 700% from February 2008, the month when it first reached 10 million users. The number of worldwide users grew over 5 million shortly after that. In the U.S. alone, visitors climbed over 1000% in a year’s time. Adding to Twitter’s reputation as a great resource for business, its age demographic proves that it’s attracting the audience that you’re seeking. The two largest age demographics are the 45-54 crowd and the 25-34 crowd. Now that you’re sure that Twitter makes for a solid time investment, you’ve got to know the exact means necessary to benefit from it.

The searches that dominate Twitter are the same that would take over any search engine, meaning that entertainment news is always at the top of the list. In the right column of your Twitter homepage, you’ll find a “Trending Topics” sections, which provides a list of the top of users’ top searches. Although this aspect is similar to the searches on other search engines, the benefits of real time conversations allow you to know what Twitter users are interested in at any given time. That said, you have to remember your use of Twitter is about leads, clients, and customers. Go ahead and type the service or product you provide in the search box. You’ll be surprised to see how many people are inquiring about so many different things. The best thing that you can do is to make a personal connection with people related to your industry. Make sure that they all know that there’s a real person with real, useful information behind that Twitter name and profile. Identify one niche of your industry that you can fit into and share retweets, information, and links related to your business to let everyone know you’re truly a specialist at what you do.