kallout free software for selection based search widgets

Posted by Jason Ciment

Thursday, 10.02.2008 5:11pm

There’s new software for Windows XP/Vista and Internet Explorer 6.0 that lets you create little widget looking devices on your screen with information from emails, web sites or other documents. Here’s what ZDNET writes about the free software:

KallOut brings “selection-based search” to any Web page, e-mail message, presentation, document, spreadsheet, or PDFfile. Unlike other search methods that are trapped inside the browser, KallOut serves up content from the most popular sites on the Web inside floating information palettes (which we call KallOuts). Using only your mouse, you can now avoid the disruption of launching a browser and let KallOut bring you the best the Web has to offer. KallOut is designed to seamlessly integrate into the everyday tools you already use. There is no learning curve. Instead of copying text and then pasting it into a browser whenever you want more information, you just select text and KallOut does the rest. KallOut now supports the ability to customize your list with any search site. Version 0.9.5 Beta includes various upgrades and enhancements.

To download the free Kallout search software, visit this page. Drop me some comments if you like it. I am going to test it this weekend.


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