Lenco Mobile seamlessly integrates mobile and online technology

Lenco Mobile allows brand owners to jump from computers to cell phones with their expansion to mobile technology.  The company explored the world of mobile marketing and found a successful and efficient way for businesses to reach their customers via their mobile phones.  Cell phone technology offers a new form of marketing that extends to websites on cell phone browsers, online coupons, mobile messaging, and mobile advertising.  Lenco Mobile has a multitude of innovative ideas regarding how to reach mobile phones.

.Mobi websites are websites that can only be reached by internet browsers on mobile phones.  Lenco Mobile creates .mobi websites that can manage high traffic and offer a number of services ranging from bank account access to content surfing.

Lenco Mobile also has a great mobile coupon platform that offers an incentive to accessing product or service information via the mobile web.  Consumers who use their mobile internet to find products are able to receive a digital certificate that acts as a coupon and can be redeemed electronically by the retailer when the item is sold.

Mobile advertising is also a great way to market on a mobile phone.  Lenco Mobile has a great hold on the mobile advertising market because they use smart tactics, like advertising on mobile games and applications.  This is a great way to expose consumers to a variety of businesses.