Persuasion sales tactic courtesy of Michael Campbell

Posted by Jason Ciment

Sunday, 01.04.2009 1:20am

Michael has some great ideas for internet marketing. These tactics are useful for anyone in the web design business because you can suggest these strategies to clients and look brilliant. Below is the first idea in the category of Persuasion Secrets.


Persuasion Tactic #1


Work by social psychologists provides proof that we make decisions based on immediate comparisons and perceptual contrasts. That means its very important to frame your best selling product with higher and lower priced offers.


For example, if you sell 32, 42 and 52 inch TVs, the 42 inch will always be the best seller. Never worry if your highest price item experiences a slump. At least 5% of your buyers may still choose it. Removing your highest priced model can have a negative effect on your sales. Or in other words, with no 52 inch, the 42 is top end, so the 32 will become the best seller.


The good news is, it works the other way too. If you want to sell more of your highest priced product, add another “higher end” item above it.


Cool huh? By adding a more expensive 60 inch TV, sales of the 52 will automatically increase. Takeaway Hint: You can apply this psychology to ebooks and digital products as well.


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