SEO Open Plugin For Firefox 3.0 Is Now Updated

There’s a new trend in the firefox plugin world where the original developers get so busy they don’t have the time to update their plugins as new releases of firefox are introduced. Leave it up to the technogeeks to fill in the gaps. One of the most noteworthy firefox plugins is something called SEO Open which is used to help with search engine optimization tracking right from your own firefox browser. You can quickly visit any web page and using this plugin, you can see yahoo backlinks, msn backlinks and the grandaddy of them all, google backlinks. plus a host of other SEO statistics.

In any event, since Firefox 3.0 was introduced this plugin was sitting there dormant waiting for someone with the time to update it. And Mike from has stepped up to the plate with one of his most recent Firefox extensions postings. So if you have downloaded firefox 3.0 and you want a free copy of the updated seo open extension, drop by and pick it up.