Tip to switch email accounts safely [from HARO]

Posted by Jason Ciment

Friday, 06.26.2009 2:57pm

If you do search engine optimization like we do out of our Los Angeles office, it means you have a lot of email addresses for your clients that you are constantly adding and changing for your SEO activities. Remail.me is a simple service that does one difficult thing really well: it helps you switch email accounts safely, simply, and professionally. It does all six things you should do when you switch email addresses, but just don’t have the time for.  If you’re still hanging on to an old email account because you can’t risk losing clients or contacts, this service makes it completely painless to switch.  Leave all the old junk behind, but make sure you don’t risk losing anyone you care about — or who cares about you.  Best of all, the authors are active members of the HARO community so they’re giving it to you for FREE through the July 4th weekend. Check it: https://bit.ly/14ITT6

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