freeware to see your desktop system explorer software

As high tech as it is in Los Angeles, I’m constantly running out of memory with my Vista PC. Maybe it’s because I am switching between programs because sometimes I am in web site design mode, sometimes in SEO mode and sometimes in just reading emails mode. So I am sure I would be better off if I could see where my system is getting dragged down into the muck of overload.

System Explorer software is a full-featured system analyzing tool lets you take a sneak peek at everything that’s going on in your system, from currently active processes to installed drivers, including also network collections, startup applications and Internet Explorer add-ons, if you have any. You can end any active process or delete items from the startup menu, to name a couple of examples. System Explorer has the possibility to obtain more information about each process from google, or check it for virus with an online anti-virus tool. The program includes loads of other interesting features. Version 1.5 includes support for external and internal plugins, filtering support to lists, and new plugin adds security enhancements.