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Posted by Jason Ciment

Tuesday, 01.27.2009 5:24am

Today’s tidbit features T-Mobile to sell Android G1 across Europe — SmartTOUCHPhones.
I found this post at https://smarttouchphones.com/t-mobile-to-sell-android-g1-across-europe/.

T-Mobile to sell Android G1 across Europe — SmartTOUCHPhones

The Android G1 phone which is available in US and the UK since October 2008 will now be sold across Europe in the coming weeks. “We will introduce the G1 by Jan. 30 in the Netherlands, Czech Republic and Austria,” T-Mobile Chief …

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Here is a response on similar topic:-

How do you download music on the G1 phone?

First Off Im 12 So parden my grammer.

As an owner of a G1 i can tell you how to do it both ways.
First off you CANT connect it to Itunes, Windows Media or any other Mp3 Provider.

There are Three Possiblilities.

1- If you already have The Mp3

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I though that might be of interest 🙂

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