The Unincorporated Man (Tor Publishers) due out in March 2009

Dani Kollin’s first sci-fi book, The Unincorporated Man, is now due to hit the stores in March 2009. I first mentioned the arrival of this book back on September 15th in this blog. Now with the latest update, it means that science fiction fans who have been waiting for next reincarnation of Isaac Asimov have less than 5 months to go. Set to be a trilogy, the book is not yet available online except through Amazon by placing a pre-order for The Unincorporated Man. Let’s hope that this accomplished author with his brother writing partner (Eytan Kollin) can translate their success at children’s books into an adult science fiction novel worthy of joining the pantheon of greats such as Piers Anthony.  Perhaps the Robot Adept will come back to life in a new grenre in the pages of Dani’s upcoming book (written by the way with his brother Eytan).

In case you want to see books written by Dani, take a look at “What’s in a Name?” (Childrens’ book) put out by Scholastic Inc. and “My very first Dreidal,” another childrens’ book put out by Piggy Toes press.I’ll update this blog when I receive more information.