updated utility for start programs on windows xp and vista

Just because Windows is not as good as Apple in so many ways doesn’t mean Windows can’t catch up. here’s StartEase2, a windows software utility from www.pcmag.com that totally jacks up the power of your Start menu in both Windows XP and Vista. Very cool especially if you have a lot of programs on your PC.

 The Start menu in Windows XP is a pretty good program launcher, but it easily gets cluttered, making it difficult to navigate. On more than one occasion I’ve found myself going from menu to menu looking for a specific program without success. Vista’s Start menu is an improvement but still isn’t very easy to pilot.

In 2006, StartEase was released as an application launcher that solves Windows navigation problem by putting just your programs into an A-to-Z button list. In addition, you can easily search for programs. As soon as you start typing in the search box you’ll see a list of matching programs that gets progressively smaller the more you type, narrowing the results.

This update, StartEase 2, offers many enhancements to the original program. These enhancements include:

Improved performance: Now the A-to-Z buttons populate much more quickly
New user interface
A pane that displays common programs like your Web browser and mail client
A pane to place your favorite files for quick launch
Google search
URL launcher
Open a program in the command prompt or execute entered command
Find programs contained in the Windows search path

This is on top of all the great features found in the original StartEase:

Easy interface to add and remove programs to buttons
The ability to exclude and include programs from a specific directory or by name (like all “Uninstall” programs)
Bookmarks to easily access favorite programs
Lists of programs that were recently run
Lists of programs from specific searches
And more!