Freeware to find and replace in multiple files

This is a new freeware editing software that makes it really easy to make changes to content within files without having to open up all the files. For my search engine optimization campaigns this is a really great tool. Multiple Find And Replace finds and replaces batches of files. You don’t have to open all […]

IrfanView image viewer and converter is must have freeware software for your PC

This is a great program that you don’t need to be in the web site design business to love. IrfanView is a fast and compact image viewer/converter. It is trying to be simple for beginners and powerful for professionals. Many supported file formats and features. Features include: multi-language support, Thumbnail option, Painting, slideshow, toolbar skins, […]

new software voxox to manage IM, email, fax and phone in one place

If you have different accounts to manage your webcentric lifestyle, then you might like this new software in beta that unifies all of your communication channels voice, video, IM, text, social media, e-mail, fax and content sharing into a single, intuitive interface, giving you full control of your interconnected lifestyle. I know that I am constantly shifting between […]