Search Engine Journal The ‘Big Tall Sandwich’: A Recipe For Winning Online Published July 3, 2013 / 12 min read Creating a successful website experience is just as challenging for a garage based startup as it is for the goliath multinational organization. What both business entities have in common though – which levels the playing field – […]

Henne is worth about a penny for the miami dolphins

the miami dolphins get a really bad rap because their record doesn’t reflect how fantastic their defense really is. Just count the number of minutes they are sitting on the field and compare this to how pathetic the dolphins offense is doing. it’s embarrassing for sure to the miami dolphins because their defense is really […]

Design Flowcharts with Efficiency

Once upon a time, every company or business decision was just a big idea, nothing but a concept somewhere in someone’s head. Usually, these big ideas strike like lightening – without warning. It’s exciting to think of something new, and I’m always eager to implement it as quickly as possible for the benefit of my […]